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Numerous Topics Eventually Leading to a Return to the Brownson/Homosexuality Discussion
Posted by CSN TV
Posted date: Jul, 05, 2016
Youtube Posted date: Nov, 30, -0001
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Wandered about a good bit on a number of topics, including interacting directly with a Muslim on Twitter who simply cannot (or will not) understand the necessity of consistency and avoiding double standards in debate at the start of the program today. Though I didn’t get to the Ehrman/Bass debate, I still ended up taking nearly 15 minutes talking about it, and issuing an open challenge to Dr. Ehrman to debate his claim, “None of the New Testament writers identified Jesus was Yahweh.” Would be glad to debate that one in Chapel Hill, if Ehrman doesn’t want to travel. Anyway, we eventually got to the Brownson materials again, but I spent most of my time reviewing where we had been before, and hence didn’t make much headway. Still, though, hopefully useful to folks!