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  • Little girl dancing with her dad
    by Faith M 38 4 4
    Little girl dancing with her dad
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    by Faith M
  • Video 47: Live Life
    by Kathi Hole 128 2 1
    Do you allow the stresses of life to dictate how you live your life? Do you allow the joy to take over and spill over into all your relationships? Whether you are a “fun sucker” or a joy-filled spirit, we all need to learn to live life.
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  • Video 46: To Save a Life
    by Kathi Hole 111 0 1
    There is a great need to educate, support and encourage our youth. I am saddened by ten-year-old children committing suicide. Join me this week as I discuss the Christian movie To Save A Life.
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  • Video 40 Life Skills for Kids
    by Kathi Hole 103 0 1
    As parents, we need to equip our kids for becoming successful adults. How do we do that? This week I discuss life skills for kids and how we as parents can help guide our children into adulthood gradually.
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  • Lonely Husbands Lonely Wives Part 1
    by Kathi Hole 113 0 0
    Are you married, but feel alone and isolated? Do you feel like there is no hope for your marriage? I will help you find the answers to why you are alone and ways you and your spouse can conquer the isolation and turn it into intimacy.
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  • Our Lost Son
    by Kathi Hole 131 0 0
    This week’s video is Our Lost Son. It is a story about losing our nineteen-month-old son in the Mt. Hood National Forest for 14 hours. My hope is that his story will inspire you and bring peace that God is always with us. https://inspiredtruth.org/
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  • Hurting Parents
    by Kathi Hole 153 0 1
    I am sharing a personal struggle this week. I created a Facebook group called Parents with teenagers who left home support group. It is a closed group, but if you or someone you know needs this group, feel free to join and hear my story today.
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  • At The Table With The Herndon's | Date Night
    by Michael Van 168 1 1
    Looking for the Perfect Valentines Day dinner? This "date night" series At The Table With The Herndon's is the answer! Needing more? At Stonepoint Community Church, We are dedicating a whole series to talk about everything that has to do with relationships, singleness, and marriage! This is something you are not going to want to miss out on! Starting Feb 10th! Come out and bring your friends and family! everyone is welcomed!! 4445 W Olive Ave Glendale, AZ 85302 T: 623-337-8663 Info@stonepointcc.org
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  • President Trump Hosts the Pledge to America’s Workers Event
    by Faith M 228 3 1
    The White House. SO many Americans on CSN ask for prayers for jobs, training, & opportunities to succeed, provide for their families. The Lord answered. WATCH THIS IMPORTANT video. This President Trump EO & promise from ALL major companies in the USA across this nation for FREE TRAINING, MORE JOBS, MORE APPRENTICESHIPS will help Americans of all ages, talents, or desires in ALL INDUSTRIES in this country. So watch this video & then SEEK out these apprenticeships & job openings!
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    by Faith M
  • President Trump's Excellent Speech @ American Christian Values Summit
    by Faith M 372 3 3
    President Donald Trump addresses the American Christian Values Voter Summit for the first time as president. MAGA
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    by Faith M