New Bob Ross Igor Sakharov wrote an image of Jesus Christ
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Posted by Donald S  . April 1, 2019
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Video Description
Igor Sugar, one of the most famous and talented contemporary artists, Russian Bob Ross, how often it nayvayut, invites you to attend their workshops. His video tutorials reveal the secrets of craft art in a convenient form for the young artist. Under his guidance, you'll be able to paint a portrait in oil on canvas, old city streets, still life, flowers (poppies, peonies, lilies, tulips, irises, roses, wildflowers), paintings - copies of Monet, Van Gogh, Aivazovsky, horses, pictures of animals, landscapes, seascapes, mountain landscape, Landscapes forests, fields, Winter theme, overgrown ponds, night lunar landscapes, nudes, themes of the night city. Igor Sakharov runs training courses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, and also conducts onlaynobuchenie.
1 comment